Featured Authors

Dr. James W. Jackson
Author, Speaker, Humanitarian, Cultural Economist

Dr. Karl Rickels
Author, Medical Doctor, Professor of Psychiatry

Doreen Lecheler
Founder, Educator, Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Coach



Dr. James W. Jackson

Dr. James W. Jackson is a respected international consultant, businessman, economist, highly successful entrepreneur, and gold winning author.  He has received worldwide recognition and numerous awards for his vast accomplishments that are inseparably coupled with his intense sense of compassion.  As so many have observed for the years; His concern for others is the true measure of his greatness. 

Dr Jackson was trained in business and economics, yet his true wisdom comes from lessons learned while observing and interacting with real people in over 150 countries and over a period of about thirty years.

Dr. Jackson possesses a keen sense of observation and insight.  Couple that with his unswerving discipline to articulate his experiences in writing and you have the makings of a notable memoirist. His flowing style allows you to travel with him through unforgettable lessons, penetrating cultural scenes, and heart rending emotional encounters. He also gives vivid glimpses into political, cultural, economic and medical aspects of thousands of villages, cities and institution around the world.

It was his international economic consulting that led to his founding the humanitarian organization Project C.U.R.E.

Dr. Jackson has written Better Off: How America Got Wealthy and You Can Too!, The Happiest Man in the World, Love & Common Sense, Simplicity & Sophistication, and Historical Heartbeat. Learn more about his work at www.drjamesjackson.com. To book him for an interview or speaking engagement, please contact us.

Dr. Karl Rickels

Dr. Karl Rickels is the world's leading expert in the pharmacological treatment of anxiety disorders. He is the founder of the Mood and Anxiety Disorders Section at the University of Pennsylvania. He was closely involved in the research and development of many anti-anxiety medications, including meprobamate, the benzodiazepines, and buspirone. This was followed by his discovery that antidepressant medications also had anti-anxiety properties, a finding that led to the current widespread use of antidepressants as anxiolytics. Dr. Rickels also pioneered the scientific study of the benzodiazepines and their risks. 

Through his prolific research over the past fifty years, Dr. Rickels has made so many contributions to the field that he is recognized the world over as the Dean of Psychopharmacology of anxiety disorders. As a testament to his extraordinary intellect, in his eighties he remains an active researcher, clinician, and teacher at the University of Pennsylvania's School of Medicine.

Dr. Rickels has written A Serendipitous LifeTo book him for an interview or speaking engagement, please contact us.

Doreen Lecheler

For more than 26 years, Doreen Lecheler has helped others create effective, self-motivating and sustainable change. Whether she’s working with leaders of a nation, a community, an organization or a household, Doreen’s passion and purpose is unleashing the God-given excellence in others.

Doreen has held a number of senior leadership positions in both national and international non-profit organizations, overseeing growth in program development, business development and organizational advancement.

Since 2000, she has consulted with a wide variety of organizations as an affiliate of The Pacific Institute in the areas of leadership development, sales and marketing, customer service, manufacturing, social services, government, education, transportation and safety, health care and community regeneration.

Along with her passion to see people grow in meaningful and measurable ways, Doreen is devoted to helping individuals develop a faith-filled mindset toward healing. As a two-time cancer conqueror, Doreen shares her journey and the spirit-mind-body strategy that fostered her own healing of stage four breast cancer with metastases to the spine.

Doreen holds a bachelor’s degree in Business from the University of Maryland and a master’s degree in Theology/Counseling from Wesley Theological Seminary. She currently resides with husband Brent and son Nicholas in Harrisburg, PA.

Doreen has written The Spirit to Heal. Learn more about her work at www.destinymakers.org.