The Spirit to Heal



BY Doreen lecheler

You’ve undergone tests, and are sitting in front of a doctor who hands you a bombshell. “I’m sorry, but you have cancer.” An explosion of thoughts racks your mind as your body sits numb and motionless. Cancer? Why me? What happens now? 

The Spirit to Heal is a personal look into the power of faith and how it transformed one woman’s life – by saving it. 

In book one, The Spirit to Heal, Doreen goes directly to our owner’s manual, the Bible, to reveal and share the manufacturer’s instructions for healing and wholeness. Who better to give us understanding, direction and power than the one who made us—the God of Heaven and earth? The Spirit to Heal reveals how the timeless truths of Hebrew and New Testament Scripture can transform your body, mind and spirit. A two-time cancer conqueror, Doreen shares her own personal journey of diagnosis and healing from stage four breast cancer with metastases to the spine.

The HEALED series is a collection of insights, experience and expertise for those who want to be well. Whether you’re suffering from physical disease or other kinds of distress, this series can help keep you on course as you cut through the mass of information, emotions and options bombarding you. The Spirit to Heal, The Mind to Heal, and The Body to Heal each deliver an effective prescription for knowing what to think— what truths, hopes and expectations we can hold about our need for and access to healing; how to think—how to manage our minds, our emotions and our words in the midst of disease; and the physical habits and activities we should undertake in order to co-create an environment for health and wellness.