For the past many months I have closed out each blog with the same simple phrase: 
         (Research ideas from Dr. Jackson’s new writing project on Cultural Economics).

Well, it is now time to close the research books and get on with the project and the production of the book. The subject matter of the book will be the result of combining the discipline of economics with the practicality of Real Life 101. I think the title will have something to do with the idea of “Better-Off.” 

Books come into being for a number of different reasons and through a number of different methods. Some books move through the birthing process over a rather concise and calculated gestation period. Some are hatched. Others are products of a metamorphosis from worm to cocoon to butterfly. When born, some are quite unattractive, some are pleasant to behold, and others are downright stunning! 

All authors intuitively know that their works are destined to be award winners. And they probably would be right, were it not for the muddled thinking of the reviewers and the unreasonableness of the public: They just never got my point. But books of all sorts continue to be produced. 

Over the months I have tried to utilize the blog-posting process to launch some of the observations, responses, and conclusions I have encountered over the past forty-plus years and the millions of miles traveled to more than 150 countries. I have greatly appreciated and depended on your responses and interaction to help me determine direction and fields of interest. 

I am so appreciative of Winston Crown Publishing House and its willingness to run my blogs each Tuesday morning for the past nearly five years. I also greatly appreciate the folks there having published my last four books, of which three received first place gold EVVY Awards, and one received a bronze award. They will also be the organization publishing the new cultural economics book. 

Next Week: We will be sharing with you the exciting new direction for the weekly blogs of the near future. Thanks for joining me each week. Thanks for being my friends!