Good Things Happenin'

For the past three years Winston-Crown Publishing House has carried my short stories and published them every Tuesday morning at 10 o’clock on the internet. I am indebted to them for allowing that to happen, and thank them sincerely. Every week the number of people reading the essays has increased and the acceptance has grown. That’s fun. 

Winston-Crown is very excited, and so am I. As soon as the book The Happiest Man in the World: Life Lessons from a Cultural Economist was released, people began requesting to have access to more adventure stories from around the world. Those requests prompted the next book Love and Common Sense: Stories from Around the World to Challenge your Mind and Ignite your Compassion. That book, released in 2013, has also been very well accepted. 

Earlier this year my lovely wife, Dr. Anna Marie Jackson, joined me in authoringHistorical Heartbeat: Project C.U.R.E.1987-2012, a book of info graphics and narrative celebrating the first twenty-five years of the life of Project C.U.R.E. 

Last week the manuscript for my newest book, Simplicity and Sophistication, was sent off to the copy editors and then it will go to the proofers. From there it will progress to the typesetters and finally to the manufacturers. Hopefully, it will be released in time for Christmas. It will be another book of seventy short stories of wisdom and kindness from around the world. 

In March we were notified that The Happiest Man in the World: Life Lessons from a Cultural Economist and Love and Common Sense had been included as “finalists” in the 19th Annual CIPA EVVY Book Awards. At the Gala Award Presentation on May 18, 2013, it was announced that The Happiest Man in the World had been selected to receive the First Place Gold EVVY Award for Autobiography/Memoirs. A little later in the program it was announced that Love and Common Sense had been selected to receive the First Place Gold EVVY Award for Travel. Yes, of course we were shocked off our chairs!

Now Winston-Crown is even more excited, and I have signed two additional contracts with them. One is for them to publish all my field journals from my nearly thirty years of international travel. The other contract represents a thrill of a lifetime for me. My former major professor from the University of Colorado Economics Department, Dr. Paul Ballantyne, and I have each signed a contract to co-author a book on Cultural Economics, where we will investigate how the economics of a culture affect the people and how the people affect the economics of a culture.

So, starting next week you will probably notice a bit of difference in the Tuesday morning blogs. They will probably be shorter, more to the point, and tend more toward the everyday world of culture, economics, and stewardship of resources. As I begin doing the research for the new book projects I can already guess that there will be some concepts and stories that I won’t be able to wait to share with my internet friends in book form. Those ideas will probably show up through the inbox of your computer. We are still traveling on this adventure of helping other people become better off. Let’s keep traveling and learning those lessons together!