Source & Resource

By 1996 Project C.U.R.E. was shipping donated medical goods into 40 countries around the world. That year alone we had delivered 50 cargo shipping containers with a wholesale value of twenty million dollars into countries with desperate and hurting people including India, China, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, and new targets in Africa. 

We even teamed up with Israel and donated over $1 million worth of urgently needed supplies to help cover the unusual demands caused by an influx of over 750,000 refugees from the old Soviet Union and Ethiopia into Israel.  Most of the immigrants had come to Israel sick and without any money.  We had stepped in and helped in their time of need. The positive reputation of Project C.U.R.E. was growing at a sprinter’s pace.

Where were we getting all the medical goods to ship? Could we keep up the pace with the ever increasing demands?  How could we ever continue?  Would it be physically possible to sustain what we had started in 1987?

One night in a grungy hotel room in the old Soviet Union I woke up in a dead sweat.  I had just been with some wonderful doctors at a hospital where I was conducting a “Needs Assessment” study.  My very being there had raised their expectations and hopes that I would approve them and send the needed medical goods to their hospitals and clinics. During the night when I was half-asleep, I nearly panicked. 

What if, by my just being there, I had caused the doctors, nurses and government officials to believe that I was going to approve them and send all kinds of medical supplies and pieces of equipment, only to return home and find that I had nothing in my warehouses to send?  Just what would I do?  I would have been guilty of giving them false hope. I didn’t want to have any part of giving people false hope. 

Then, a marvelous thing happened. Out of the darkness of that miserable night came a sense of calm and an assurance as if it had been an eternal declaration, “Don’t worry about how much inventory is in your warehouses. You just concentrate on getting the goods distributed to the needy people. I will always give you just a little bit more than you can ever give away.” I smiled in the darkness, rolled over and went soundly to sleep. 

Now, fifteen years later, I walk through the Project C.U.R.E. warehouses and collection centers spread across the USA and marvel at the millions of dollars of life saving medical goods being processed and packed. Thousands of faithful volunteers are there loading the cargo containers to be shipped to the more than 120 recipient countries and thousands of needy hospitals and clinics. But I can still hear that soft, assuring voice saying, “You concentrate on getting the goods distributed to the needy people. I will always give you just a little bit more than you can ever give away.”
I needed the Resources, but I found there to be only one true Source!  God is the source; everything else is a resource. God the eternal and boundless source has been flawlessly faithful in supplying to us the resources just at the very moment we have needed them.