Trust Accounts (Part IV)

Deposited into your TRUST ACCOUNT is exactly what someone around you needs.

How is it possible that 80% of the male population of a civilized country could be brutally massacred in the 1990s without alerting the attention of the world? Yes, it happened! No, it did not occur in Africa. Yes, I was a witness. 

As far back as 340 AD the Armenians could trace their Christian religious heritage by church buildings and monasteries located throughout the area now known as Nagorno Karabakh. Throughout the centuries the Turks, the Azerbaijanis, and, later, “Stalin the Supreme” tried to eradicate the people of Karabakh. Stalin destroyed or closed down all the churches and monasteries, lined up the religious leaders and ordered them shot. He then totally cut off the Armenian enclave of Karabakh from the geographical borders of Armenia and presented Karabakh to Azerbaijan as a gift. 

During the 1990s the precarious fate of Nagorno Karabakh took another tragic turn for the worse. The oil cartels desired to build an oil pipeline from the Caspian Sea to the Black sea . . . right through the heart of Karabakh. Ethnic cleansing was determined to be the simplest solution for dealing with the nuisance population. They were perfectly isolated. No one would know. Former Azeri President Elchibey pronounced in June 1992 that if there were still Armenians in Karabakh in October of 1992, the people of Azerbaijan could hang him in the Central Square of Baku, the Azerbaijani capital. The atrocities were unbelievable at the hands of the Russian Fourth Army, the Turks, and the Azerbaijanis. 

One lone international figure became the voice for the voiceless in Nagorno Karabakh. Baroness Caroline Cox, Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords in London, stood in parliament and pled their case. She then went to the scene of the atrocities and actually rode in the helicopters helping evacuate the victims from Stepanekert, the capital of Karabakh, to hospitals in Yerevan, Armenia. 

Baroness Cox and her Executive Assistant, Stuart Windsor, contacted Project C.U.R.E. and requested that I join them in Yerevan, Armenia and travel with them to Karabakh. My research of the Armenian and Karabakh situation had somewhat prepared me for a cursory understanding of the history of the region. But I was in no way prepared for the emotional wrenching I would experience during my stay. 

While I was in Nagorno Karabakh, I agreed that Project C.U.R.E. would deliver millions of dollars worth of needed medical goods to the bombed out hospitals in the devastated country. I also promised to send enough pieces of physical rehabilitation equipment for them to open a rehab clinic to serve the crippled victims. 

But when I returned to Denver I was told that we had just sent all our physical therapy and rehab equipment to some other needy place around the world. We had none left in the warehouse. We needed a miracle. We made a list of all the pieces of equipment we would need to procure and send. We then hung the list in a conspicuous place. We all began to pray. 

Several weeks later Dr. Douglas Jackson and I took a walk through our warehouse. Justin, the man in charge of our warehouse, came running up to us with tears in his eyes. He was so excited! “Listen to what just happened!” he shouted. “This morning a company who sells medical equipment called and said they were discontinuing to sell rehab and therapy equipment and were donating everything they had in their warehouse to Project C.U.R.E. We just finished unloading their huge truck. Listen to this! . . . 

We took our written list in hand and as they began to unload the truck, we began to check off the pieces of needed equipment from our list. When they had finished unloading, every single item on our list had been checked off . . . every piece of rehab equipment we had written down has just now been miraculously delivered. What we needed to put on the ocean-going cargo container headed for Nagorno Karabakh was on that truck!” 

As Justin was telling us the story, this thought was exploding inside my mind: 

“Deposited into my Trust Account is exactly what someone else around me needs!” 

Review again some of the principles of the Trust Account concept: 

1. The inventory of your Trust Account (everything you possess) is there as a result of a Direct Gift or a Gift Exchange. 

2. The inventory is to be administered by you, the Trustee, for the Benefit of Others. 

3. As you, the Trustee, transfer inventory out of your Trust Account into the Trust Accounts of Others, God makes Compensating Deposits into Your Trust Account . . . thus allowing you to give Even More into the Trust Accounts of Others. 

4. God determines the Amount, Kind, and Timing of the Compensating Deposits . . . the Trustee is only responsible for the Current Inventory of the Account. 

5. Deposited into your Trust Account is exactly what Someone else around you Needs. 

Allow these concepts to change your life!