What's That in Your Hand?

It’s not what you would do with the millions if riches should be your lot . . .  

But, what you are doing at present with the dollar and quarter you’ve got! 

Maybe there is something in the economic scheme of things that has been overlooked. I am beginning to understand that it’s not so much what you have, but what you do with it that makes all the difference in the world. That is true whether you live in Africa, India, Haiti or the USA. That concept is the great equalizing force of culture and economics. How we respond to the concept will determine the quality and character of our life here as well as hereafter.

Revisit with me for a moment an episode in the life of Moses as God assured him: 


I know the King of Egypt isn’t interested in letting you go . . . except under heavy pressure. So, I’ll apply the pressure. If necessary, I’ll destroy Egypt with my miracles.

Then the king will beg you to go! In fact, Moses, when you leave the country you will be loaded down with gifts; jewels, silver, gold, and you will clothe your sons and daughters with the best of Egypt!
Lord, this is too much! Nobody is going to believe me. I can’t communicate this to my people. Remember, I have a terrible speech impediment!

Who makes mouths, Moses? Just do as I tell you and I will help you.
But, Lord . . . I don’t have any resources. 

What do you have in your hand, Moses? 

. . . Just a shepherd’s rod. 

Throw it down on the ground, Moses! 

You mean my shepherd’s rod? 

Yes, Moses. 

But it’s the only thing I have! I make my living with it! 

Throw it down! 

Well, all right, Lord, here goes . . . Oh Lord, let me out of here! My rod has become a hissing snake! 

Pick up the snake, Moses . . . carefully now, by the tail . . . that’s right! 

But, being God, you ought to know, you don’t pick up snakes by the tail. You pick them up behind the eyes! 

Like I said . . . Pick it up by the tail! 

Look! It’s become a rod again right here in my very own hands! 

That’s right, Moses. The only thing I ever wanted from you was what you have . . . because, with that dedicated rod you will do some incredible miracles before Pharaoh. 

You will part the waters of the Red Sea, you will strike the rock and water will come gushing out . . . but, you must be willing to let go of what you have!

In recalling that little episode, I am reminded of an amazing fact: God never demands more from you than what you have. He will never ask you to give something that is out of your jurisdiction to give. Moses had a rod. God only asked for the rod. He didn’t ask Moses to surrender someone else’s rod, only the one over which he had jurisdiction. 

And it is equally true that even though God only requests of you things that are yours to give, you can count on the fact that he also expects you to give back to him at his request what you do have. It is not so much what you have, but what you do with it that makes all the difference in the world.