Journal Highlights: Roads I Have Traveled ... Excerpt #5 Ukraine and Atlanta January 1997

(continued): Ukraine/Atlanta: January, 1997): After sharing some other more generalized observations of international health-care systems, I began to describe the unique role Project C.U.R.E. plays in providing donated health-care products to newly developing countries around the world. I explained how we are presently shipping medical goods to over forty different countries. Then I related to them the way Pro­ject C.U.R.E. got started and a bit of its colorful history. The group was fun to talk to because of the extreme diversity of the individuals, combining the Ukrainian delegation with the board of directors of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) resulted in a very interesting mix. 

While I was talking, one of the AAPS board members raised his hand. I stopped and acknowledged him; then he asked, “Mr. Jackson, just why are you doing what you are doing, and why are you here helping the Ukrainians rewrite their laws?” Dr. Ballantyne, who is famil­iar with my past, just looked at me and grinned. I knew he was wondering just how I was going to handle the question.

I began to tell them what a dramatic difference God had made in my life—how he had changed me from a person who was totally consumed with accumulating wealth for myself to a person devoted to sharing God’s love by helping hurting people around the world. As I glanced across the room, I saw Dr. Raisa Burchak, the wife of Dr. Fedir Burchak, the legal advisor and personal confidant of the president of the Ukraine. She had her lace handkerchief out and was crying. Perhaps it was the first time she had ever heard about the transforming grace of God.

I finished my part of the speaking agenda by challenging everyone there to consider moving from a personal position of success to a position of significance in their lives:“Do some­thing significant that will last forever.”

After the session, Dr. Fedir Burchak and Raisa came up to me and hugged me. Dr. Raisa said, “I learned many things during these hours, but perhaps the greatest thing I learned I learned from your heart.”

Sunday, January 12

It is necessary for me to return to Denver early, so I will be unable to personally say good‑bye to my new friends from the Ukraine when they board their flight for their return trip. But as I left the symposium and boarded my plane to fly home to Denver, I had to stop and thank God for allowing me to be a small part of such a historic occasion.

Who would have ever believed on December 17 that all the necessary elements for success would have come together in such a short time and allowed us to actually organize, offer, and present this economic symposium?

I don’t know at the moment how the newly proposed health-care laws will be accepted in the Ukrain­ian Parliament, but I rest in the fact that when Dr. Mark Johnson and I saw the need to help, we were able to respond in instant and complete obedience. I will always hold as extremely valuable the memory of how God blessed our simple efforts to help and brought together all the correct people in such a short span of time, and did it in a way that brought honor to God and dignity to the efforts. 

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