At First Blush

I’m intrigued by the illustrious traditions of the book business. While the printing presses are still running, the publisher snatches a couple of sample copies from the conveyor belt, hustles down to the nearest UPS or FedEx store, and sends them to the anxious author who is sitting at home chewing his or her finger nails. That is the first instant the author gets to touch, smell, and stare at the new product. The baby is born.

This week I received from FedEx my two sealed copies of the hard bound book,Better Off. Indeed, the one split second of satisfaction was worth the innumerable hours of copious research and writing. Yes.

With this book, however, I decided to do something different. I thought it would be fun to flush my mind of all previous involvement with the book and read it straight through as if it were my very first experience with the subject and the written words.

I had a very interesting reaction when I finished and closed the back cover and laid down the book. I want to share that personal experience with you.

I fancied myself in heaven, twenty-five years from now, where I was looking down over the lofty banister back onto old mother earth. I had already been experiencing a ton of information and wisdom that I recently learned would have been freely available to me while I was back stumbling and stomping around on earth. I had been so messed up, however, thinking about what we were going to do when we ran out of oil, or sunlight, or water, or electric grids, or computer chips . . . or whatever. I found out that I could have been spending my time, my mental energy, and my imagination exploring and freely discovering all the new and exciting things that were right there before my eyes.

They were all right there, but my preoccupation with fears and worries about shortages, lack, and insufficiencies had burned holes right through my inner eyes of hope, imagination, discovery, and achievement. Those impediments had left me blinded to the possibilities that now I could clearly see.

Why didn’t we, God’s highest achievement in creation, simply reject those who wanted to manipulate, stymie, and control us and condemn us to lives of poverty, scarcity, and bondage? Why didn’t we go ahead and perfect nuclear power, harness hydrogen and finish fusion? We were so tied to the logic of the limited that we were hindered from learning about the ability of abundance.

We had spent all our collective time thinking how to recklessly divvy up the scarce commodities when we could have easily utilized heavenly intelligence and energy to discover available abundance. I caught myself desperately wanting to give it another try.

The rest of the hard bound books have not yet arrived for distribution, but I find myself very eager to get the message of Better Off out to my friends.  I would like to have you own a copy of Better Off. I truly believe you will find it inspiring and personally helpful.

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