The publishers have nearly completed their work: editing, book cover and exterior design, interior book design, artwork and graphics, proofing, typesetting . . . and now the book is in the hands of the talented book manufacturers and printers!! (Nothing more I can do!)

It’s the book I always wanted to write about the discipline of ECONOMICS. The title is: 

Better Off: How America Got Wealthy and You Can Too. 

In the book I deal with investigating my curiosity as to why some countries are abundantly wealthy and some countries are stuck up to their ears in abject poverty, sickness and misery. Why? 

I discuss the phenomenon that throughout history insecure people have turned to governments to take care of them from cradle to grave. And those in leadership wieldlegitimate authority and power to compel obedience from the same people who empowered them. No wonder leaders with unlimited power will do practically anything to retain that power. 

In nearly 250 pages I try to share what I have personally seen, heard, and experienced in the over 150 countries where I have traveled and worked. The study of economics deals with how to make good choices. I want to share what I have discovered about making good choices. 

I passionately want to get back to sharing with you more excerpts from the actual travel journals I have written while traveling over the past thirty years. So many of you have been so kind to respond and tell me how the stories from the journals have helped enlighten and encourage you in your personal lives. 

I will get back to sharing those travel adventures in a couple of weeks. But I also want to keep you informed of the exciting things that are happening with the new book. 

Thanks for being my traveling partners.

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