Let's Make a Deal

Before we get back to the business of sharing more exciting stories of the Roads I’ve Traveled excerpt series from my original Travel Journals, let me hit you with a crazy idea: 

Winston-Crown Publishing House will soon be releasing a hard-bound edition of my newest book: Better Off: How America Got Wealthy and You Can Too! I’ve wanted to write this book for a long time and I have dedicated it to Dr. Paul Ballantyne my graduate level economics professor at the University of Colorado.  

The Publishers ran a few soft-bound advance copies to distribute for book reviews and endorsements. When I saw them` I grabbed a handful of them. I figured who in the world would I rather have reviewing and recommending my new book than the special and loyal readers of my weekly blogs. Some of you have faithfully read every weekly blog for the past five years. Every Tuesday morning you find them on your computer and you open them and read them. Many times you comment on how important they are to you. 

Like my friends in South Korea say to me, “Now you can help me by giving me a free ride on your paper airplane.” I would love to have your help. Here’s the deal: 

On a first come-first served basis I want to get these twenty-five advance, soft-bound copies out to a few of my faithful readers. If you are willing to read the book and write to me your short review or endorsement, and send me the information where I can send you the book, I will put the book in the mail to you. 

The reason I say that this is kind of a crazy idea is that I may be setting myself up for a bloody nose. If a lot of you respond I may be scrambling with the few books. So don’t wait around. Be one of the first to let me know so that you will get an advance copybefore they are gone! 

I think you are going to like the book. And I think our little “lets’ make a deal” will help each of us be Better Off. 

Now, let’s get back to our Travel Journal excerpts!

© Dr. James W. Jackson   

Permissions granted by Winston-Crown Publishing House