How could we have possibly known? Who would have ever guessed? What are the chances that a small group of concerned and sincere people in the inland state of Colorado could effectively change the health care delivery systems of thousands of hospitals and clinics around the world and alter the very course of history for so many individuals and families? Just how can that be? 

Well, Happy 30th Birthday, Project C.U.R.E.! 

Our first load of donated medical supplies and pieces of medical equipment was sent to the needy people of Sao Paulo state, Brazil in 1987. That’s thirty years ago! The impact was astounding and the miracle has continued over all the ensuing years. A long time ago we passed the mark of having donated over a billion dollars’ worth of precious medical goods to venues in over 138 countries of the world. Literally thousands of people are alive today as a direct result of the tireless efforts of Project C.U.R.E.’s staff, partners, and volunteers. 

Dr. Douglas Jackson has been Project C.U.R.E.’s president and CEO for the past 20 years. Happy Birthday, Douglas. He is an attorney with a Juris Doctorate from University of Colorado. He also holds a PhD in Econometrics and Finance from CU Boulder. Now, he spends his precious time and efforts saving lives and building health care delivery systems for some of the neediest folks in this world. Project C.U.R.E. is blessed to have Dr. Jackson as its extremely talented and compassionate leader. 

Many wonderful things have transpired in the past 30 years of Project C.U.R.E. But I would like to use this blog to highlight just the miracles that have taken place this past year. Our corporate fiscal year begins June 1 and ends May 31. 

Ocean Going Cargo Containers: We deliver semi-trailer sized cargo containers filled with medical supplies and coveted pieces of medical equipment directly to selected hospitals and clinics. Each container load is custom made for that specific institution. This year we delivered a record 180 containers! That’s never been done before. Project C.U.R.E.is the largest handler of donated medical goods in the world. On average, a container load will include about $440,000 worth of donated medical goods. 

C.U.R.E. Kits: This year 53 different countries received suitcase-sized, pre-packed kits that included essential exam and emergency or disaster materials designed for on-location and field procedures. C.U.R.E. Kits are designed to be carried on an airplane as checked luggage. They can be taken directly and immediately to a frontline disaster or trauma scene. 

C.U.R.E. Clinics, Philanthrotravel teams, and Young Professional Trips: Our volunteer medical groups logged new record numbers of team travel experiences providing free patient care for more than 7,500 patients. Other Project C.U.R.E. groups traveled to nine developing countries this year and trained 511 local nurses and selected midwives in our Helping Babies Breathe program. 

Kits For Kids: 6,362 “medicine cabinets in backpacks” were personally delivered in 2017 to moms of village families. Due to lack of access to basic healthcare, millions of children die each year of preventable and treatable conditions. Now moms have a medicine cabinet. 

Ambassador Boards developed in Denver, Chicago, and Phoenix. 

Colorado Governor’s Excellence in Exporting Award – 2017, in conjunction with World Trade Center and Department of Commerce, presented to Project C.U.R.E., in addition; National nomination to Health Right Foundation Award: Partnerships. 

Completion of yet more Medical Management Training Curriculum that will be used worldwide. 

(I know I am missing some additional 2017 miracles) 

Nearly 30,000 Project C.U.R.E. volunteers now work at our Distribution and Collection Centers:
Distribution Centers:                                                           Collection Centers:
Denver, CO (International Headquarters)                                  Cortland, NY
Chicago, Il                                                                               Glenwood Springs, CO
Houston, TX                                                                             Grand Junction, CO
Nashville TN                                                                            Kansas City, MO
Philadelphia, PA                                                                       Rolla/Jefferson City, MO
Phoenix, AZ                                                                             Sarasota, FL                                                                                                                 Harrisburg, PA                                                                                                               Wilsonville, OR                                                                                                              Grand Rapids, MI

Project C.U.R.E. operates on less than 2% overhead and is designated by Forbes as being in the top 20 most efficient large U.S. Charities. 

I have a hard time camouflaging how thankful and proud I am of what God has done through the simple efforts of the compassionate and efficient organization called Project C.U.R.E. 

Happy 30th Birthday, Project C.U.R.E. May God continue to bless and multiply the goodness that flows out to the entire world. You give us all a true reason to be happy!