On August 19, 2017, at the 23rd Annual EVVY Book Award gala, Dr. James W. Jackson’s most recent book, “Better Off: How America Got Wealthy and You Can Too” was announced the winner of the coveted 1st Place Gold Award for all Literary Non Fiction books.  

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 The book is a product of over thirty years of international travel where Dr. Jackson had the opportunity to work in over one hundred fifty countries. He was able to observe and experience firsthand the rise and fall of nations and political systems. He has closely studied nations crippled by war, poverty, disease, and cultural flash points that have ignited into genocidal firestorms. He has also studied countries that have somehow overcome the ravages of cultural and economic disparities and today are better off. Dr. Jackson’s vast experience coupled with his intense sense of compassion drove him to seek answers to the haunting question, “Why some countries are wealthy while others are mired in poverty?”

Dr. Jackson was trained in business and economics, yet his true wisdom comes from lessons learned while observing and interacting with real people in nearly every corner of the world. It was his international economic consulting that led to his founding of Project C.U.R.E. In an era of clouds and doubts, this book of phenomenal possibilities of the exciting America of tomorrow, becomes a bright blast of sunshine to warm our future.

As Dr. James Terbush, past U.S. Command Surgeon of NORAD/Northcom, and Homeland Security has stated, “I would expect this book could be a catalyst for a new American renaissance and spur an economic recovery in the US if policy makers and politicians would put this into action.”

“Anyone who wants to know why some nations are rich and others are poor should read Dr. Jim Jackson’s new book, which cheerfully demolishes the shibboleths of government regulation and central planning as cures for poverty. Jim clearly and exuberantly explains how economic and political freedom, rule of law, and stable currency lead to prosperity and human progress, while statist policies cause economic stagnation, diminished life expectancy, and human misery. This is a rare book that deals authoritatively with crucial economic and political issues in a style that’s accessible and fun to read. I recommend it with great enthusiasm. Especially to congressmen, senators, presidents, and economic policy-makers, who should already know about these issues but evidently do not!”
United States Senator, William L. Armstrong
William L. Armstrong, past President, Colorado Christian University

"Better Off should be required reading for every young person in the US and anyone else looking for an understandable primer on economics".

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