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Better Off (non-fiction), by Dr. James W. Jackson (author), 2016, Winston Crown Publishing, should be required reading for every young person in the US and anyone else looking for an understandable primer on economics. 
Dr. Jackson has managed to compress into 200 pages or so an entire college level course on economics. He takes on the current political campaign fascination with redistribution of wealth and offers a more American way of achieving success so that everyone is Better Off. In addition he uses his considerable international experience to highlight examples of humanitarian principles, which benefit millions of persons worldwide. His hopeful and positive approach toward a sometimes controversial and often misunderstood subject (economics) was refreshing. His personal insights and commentaries were spot on, supporting his logical arguments about what really creates wealth. I would expect this book could be a catalyst for a new American renaissance and spur an economic recovery in the US if policy makers and politicians would put this into action. A must read for anyone hoping for an alternative to the current debate about what really creates and sustains wealth. He makes it clear that America has succeeded in the past because of the unique economic and cultural experiment of 1776.
- Dr. James W. Terbush: U.S. Command Surgeon, NORAD/Northcom, Homeland Security 

Even for those who studied economics in college, the fundamental ideas that comprise the ‘economic way of thinking’ too often remain elusive. In this uniquely-styled, and very enjoyable book, Dr. Jackson provides important historical context while revealing the economic reasoning skills that will help people achieve success in their personal, business and civic lives. I highly recommend this excellent book which is a fitting tribute to a remarkable teacher-of-teachers, Dr. Paul Ballantyne, one of the giants of economic education.
- Robert L. Clinton: former President, Colorado Council for Economic Education    President of the Colorado Council for Economic Education from 2000-2015, also member of the board of directors of both the national Council for Economic Education and the National Association of Economic Educators   

I absolutely loved this book. Dr Jackson made the principles of economics easy and actually enjoyable to learn and then built on that to explain how the USA used these principles to become the greatest economy in the history of the world. Then he shows you how to apply these principles in your own life and inspires us by showing us how to succeed by making other people better off. I cannot recommend this book enough. 
- Jonathan Manske, Author, Coach: Law of Attraction

Dr. Jackson has a gift for bringing economics to life in a clear and conversational way. He provides a real service with this book, explaining the keys to economic success, and how we might lose our way if we forget these keys. He has seen much in his life that he brings to bear in this fine book, and it is a particularly important read for young people today. Good planning and hard work resulted in the achievement, creativity and productivity that has enabled Americans to be Better Off. This could be jeopardized if we are not aware of the economic realities this book so well describes. 
- Nicholas Muller, Attorney at Law

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